Arca Box Pizza respects the environment
It is widely known that, in a historical moment like the present one, people cannot do without “throw-away” products; for this reason people need to reorganize and try as hard as possible to respect our environment. Arca Box Pizza is constantly looking for solutions that may reduce any waste or form of pollution. Despite this policy line, we are obliged by law to use pure cellulose paper made of vegetable fibers for the production of our boxes for take-away pizzas.

Because of the "GREEN" inclination of our company, we pay particular attention in choosing the raw materials for the creation of our products, which are ordered from suppliers warranted by valid certifications. The colors we use to define the excellent graphic look of the pizzas boxes are warranted as well, being certified watercolors as by law enacted.

Our quality products, where your steaming pizza is placed, cause the lowest environmental damage and are completely recyclable after their use. It matters a lot to us letting the public know that we have entrusted the management of our production waste to one among the best paper collecting and recycling societies.

Finally, Arca Box Pizza collaborates with several associations which commit themselves in the reforestation of the territory, and concern about the re-plantation of trees replacing those used to produce paper.